Trying to make the world a better place – ending the suffering of those who have no voice and no power – is why I feel we’re here. Simply put, to help each other. Animals are legally tortured by every industry that uses them. They have no one to protect them from the unspeakable cruelty they endure which society deems legal and acceptable, and yet if we treated our family pet that way we’d go to prison. That inconsistency must stop. The food and clothing industries, entertainment and more, are all guilty of barbaric animal abuse that the public would not support or allow if they saw what goes on behind closed doors. 

Abuse based on species, race, gender, class, religion or sexual preference is unacceptable to me. I never understood those who have ‘selective empathy’ – who have a heart for children but not animals. Or who support women’s rights but not the protection of children. We are all interconnected. If even one of us is victimized it’s as if we all are and each of us is obliged to object. Activism has defined me ever since I was a child. I always spoke up for anyone being abused. I always will.